Press Package

Press package and guidelines for SocialPass Assets

The resources included in this package are official SocialPass assets and guidelines on how to use the SocialPass IP for websites, articles, content, marketing, etc.


Do not warp, scew, or stretch the logo.

Please use proper spacing around the logo.

Do not apply outlines or recolor the logo.

Do not apply special effect such as drop shadows, patterns, etc. to the logo.

Use logo at 100% opacity.

Color Palette

About SocialPass

At the forefront of event software innovation, SocialPass is reshaping the attendee journey through its advanced verification and ticketing solutions. Offering seamless integration with both Apple and Google wallets, it sets a benchmark in user convenience.

  • Fiat-based tickets: Traditional ticketing methods, where attendees pay with regular currencies (like dollars, euros, etc.), are handled with ease through SocialPass.

  • NFT-exclusive events: SocialPass is ahead of the curve, facilitating events where entry requires ownership of a specific Non-Fungible Token (NFT), a unique digital asset verified via blockchain.

  • Free RSVP functions: For events that are open to all but require prior registration, SocialPass offers an efficient RSVP system.

With its diverse ticketing capabilities, SocialPass has swiftly risen as a trusted choice in its domain, having already managed thousands of diverse ticketing requests. By harnessing the robust security and verification features of blockchain, SocialPass ensures every interaction is genuine and reliable. As it charts a path for global expansion, SocialPass remains steadfast in its mission to build and nurture community ties.

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