Q: How do I connect my wallet to SocialPass?

A: Connecting your wallet to SocialPass is a seamless process. Simply choose from our supported wallet options, including MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase Wallet, and follow the prompts to authorize the connection. Rest assured, your security and privacy remain our top priorities.

Q: Can I create multiple ticket tiers for my event?

A: Absolutely! SocialPass empowers you to create multiple ticket tiers for your event, each offering unique benefits and experiences. Tailor your event to your audience's desires, as you unlock new possibilities for engagement and satisfaction.

Q: How do I manage and collaborate with my event team on SocialPass?

A: Foster a spirit of unity and cooperation, as SocialPass equips you with the tools to create and manage your event team. Invite team members, assign roles, and collaborate on event planning and execution, ensuring a cohesive and efficient experience for all.

Q: How can I promote my event on SocialPass?

A: Elevate your event to new heights, as SocialPass provides a suite of promotional tools and features. Customize your event page, utilize social sharing options, and explore integrations with other platforms to maximize your event's visibility and reach.

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